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Thorough Home & Business Window Cleaning

BT Cleaning Services in Oxford, Oxfordshire, undertakes home window cleaning and business window cleaning at cost-effective rates. On every job we do, we make sure your frames get thoroughly cleaned, as well as paying great attention to your panes. Our cleaners simply use standard window cleaner. Combined with elbow grease, this is the best stuff to use. There is no need for additives or special cleaners to do the job. Should you wish, we’ll even clean the interior of your windows with our usual speed and efficiency.

No Short Cuts
With the traditional method we use, you get a much better finish, as our cleaners are up close and personal with your windows. With a water fed pole, any debris on the window will just smear about and the cleaner cannot see to pay attention to detail like you can with our tried and tested methods. We also dry the windows, so you can see what the overall finish will be like.

Maintaining Your Sheen
Fitting around you, we offer our services weekly, fortnightly, four weekly, six weekly, eight weekly, or 12 weekly, depending on your requirements. We also offer a one-off service for certain times, for example if you are moving out of a property and need to get the windows cleaned.

Window Being Cleaned
Shining Shops & Offices
Sparkling windows leave a positive impression on your customers. Able to reach most three-storey buildings, we cater to a wide range of commercial clients, including offices, retail shops, takeaway premises, and restaurants.

Free Quotes
To take advantage of a free quotation, just give us a call or email us, and we will arrange to come round and view your property. This can take place with you there if needed, or if we can gain full access, you do not need to be at the property. We will then call you to confirm a price.
Contact us in Oxford, Oxfordshire, for home window cleaning and business window cleaning you can depend on.